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October 2021

New study finds potatoes, when enjoyed as part of a healthy diet, are not associated with elevated heart health risk factors among adolescent girls

Eating potatoes also linked to improved nutrient intakes in ‘tween’ girls Peer-reviewed Publication THE ALLIANCE FOR POTATO RESEARCH AND EDUCATION (APRE) N…
August 2021

Shifting the dialogue on high-quality carbohydrate foods

Experts propose a nuanced approach to define high-quality carbohydrate foods while avoiding unreliable indicators, like GI Peer-Reviewed Publication THE ALLIAN…
August 2021

Adolescent Diets that Include Potatoes are Associated with Better Diet Quality

Research suggests that, among nine- to 18-year-olds, eating potatoes can be an effective strategy to modestly improve intake of key shortfall nutrients Peer-Re…
July 2021

The need for nuance in carbohydrate recommendations

A more complex, holistic and non-reductionist approach to defining carbohydrate quality is needed Peer-Reviewed Publication FOODMINDS LLC NEWS RELEASE 21-…
January 2021

The Need for Nuance: Carbohydrate Quality Is Much More Than the Glycemic Index

There is no globally accepted definition of carbohydrate quality – no equation, algorithm, or succinct way of identifying the quality of a carbohydrate-conta…
January 2021

The Need for Nuance: Nutrition Researchers Dig into What’s Needed for Future Carbohydrate Guidance

Carbohydrates are a diverse group of compounds, ranging from simple monosaccharides – such as glucose and fructose – to various types of polysaccharides, l…
October 2020

People with type 2 diabetes need not avoid eating potatoes based on glycemic index

New study findings show that people with type 2 diabetes can better maintain overnight glycemic control when high Glycemic Index (GI) potatoes are included in…
October 2020

Looking for New Ways to Fuel Athletic Performance? Try A Potato

White potatoes are as effective as commercial sports products in exercise fueling, performance and recovery, according to research funded by the Alliance for P…
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