Alliance for Potato Research & Education

The Alliance for Potato Research & Education (APRE) is dedicated to funding research in a credible and transparent manner that a) expands knowledge about the nutritional properties of potatoes, and b) explores the role of potatoes in a healthy diet.

For calendar year 2018, APRE announces its key research priorities and seeks letters of intent (LOI) for clinical, preclinical and observational studies that address the following issues:

Potatoes in Cardiometabolic Health

  • Impact of potato and/or potato product consumption in subjects with Metabolic Syndrome and/or Type II diabetes
  • Short and longer-term impacts of low- to moderate-glycemic load meals/diets (that include potatoes and/or potato products) on indices of health and disease
  • Impact of potato fiber/resistant starch on the gut microbiome and markers of cardiometabolic health/disease

Potatoes in Healthy Dietary Patterns

  • Health profile of individuals/population groups for whom potatoes and/or potato products are a staple food
  • Effects of plant-based diets, including potatoes and/or potato products (in all forms), on body weight and related health indices in healthy subjects
  • Potato protein quality compared with protein quality of other plant-based foods

Potatoes in Healthy Lifestyles/Life Stages

  • Impact of potatoes and/or potato products on muscle repair/muscle accretion and/or overall energy levels in conjunction with physical activity/athletic performance
  • Potatoes compared to manufactured “sports food” products or alternative carbohydrate food sources on exercise performance and recovery
  • Impact of potatoes and/or potato products on overall nutrient intake in school aged children

The LOI is due by Friday, February 23, 2018. Please send the LOI to [email protected]. APRE will fund projects with a maximum budget of $200,000.

The LOI should be limited to 2 pages, single space, 11-point font and should include: title, principal investigator, institution, brief introduction, study hypotheses, study aims, experimental approach, budget and timeline. Principal investigators may submit multiple LOIs.

Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal. Full proposals will be reviewed by recognized content experts.

APRE will hold all information provided by the researcher in confidence while your LOI is under consideration.

Please direct any questions to APRE at [email protected].