Alliance for Potato Research & Education

Potatoes are the third most important food crop in the world after rice and wheat and the leading vegetable crop in the United States (1). More than a billion people worldwide eat potatoes and global total crop production exceeds 300 million metric tons. Potatoes are grown in an estimated 125 countries throughout the world – from China’s Yunnan plateau and the subtropical lowlands of India to Java’s equatorial highlands and the steppes of the Ukraine (1).

  • According to What We Eat: NHANES 2009-2010, Americans ages 2 and older eat a daily average of 0.35 potatoes (2).
  • According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the average Canadian eats 71 kilograms of potatoes a year (3). This translates to 0.43 pounds of potatoes per person per day, which is the equivalent of about a medium potato a day.
  • Potatoes are a pathway to increased vegetable consumption: consumers of white potatoes, on average, consume significantly more potassium and eat more vegetables than non-consumers. Read Healthy Dietary Patterns for more information.


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