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Potatoes offer nutritional benefits to all people, from toddlers and women of childbearing years to athletes and aging adults.

Benefits of Potatoes

Potatoes and Childhood Nutrition

Potatoes can be an optimal first food for infants. As children grow, potatoes continue to be an affordable and accessible source of essential nutrients, helping to improve children’s overall nutrient intake and diet quality.
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Potatoes and Women of Childbearing Age

Potatoes can help to improve the nutrient intake and diet quality of women of childbearing age.
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Potatoes and Physical Performance

Potatoes provide the energy, high-quality carbohydrate and potassium that can fuel optimal performance in athletes.
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Recent Research

October 2023

The Effects of Potato Presentation on Vegetable Intake in School-Aged Children: A Cross-Over Study

Mayra G. Hernandez Sanchez, Sarah Bellini, William F. Christensen, Laura K. Jefferies, James D. LeCheminant, Emily V. Patten, Alisha H. Redelfs, Nathan Stokes, Jacklyn Wang, Micaela Rennick, Kelsey Anderson, Joli Hunt and Gene J. Ahlborn

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April 2022

Potato Protein Ingestion Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis Rates at Rest and during Recovery from Exercise in Humans

Pinckaers, Philippe J.M.; Hendriks, Floris K.; Hermans, Wesley J.H.; Goessens, Joy P.B.; Senden, Joan M.; van Kranenburg, Janneau M.X.; Wodzig, Will K.H.W.; Snijders, Tim; van Loon, Luc J.C.

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August 2021

Neither Beetroot Juice Supplementation nor Increased Carbohydrate Oxidation Enhance Economy of Prolonged Exercise in Elite Race Walkers

Louise M Burke, Rebecca Hall, Ida A Heikura, Megan L Ross, Nicolin Tee, Georgina L Kent, Jamie Whitfield, Sara F Forbes, Avish P Sharma, Andrew M Jones, Peter Peeling, Jamie R Blackwell, Iñigo Mujika, Karen Mackay, Marta Kozior, Brent Vallance, Alannah K A McKay

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