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November 2022

Low-Energy Dense Potato- and Bean-Based Diets Reduce Body Weight and Insulin Resistance: A Randomized, Feeding, Equivalence Trial

Candida J. Rebello, Robbie A. Beyl, Frank L. Greenway, Kelly C. Atteberry, Kristin K. Hoddy, and John P. Kirwan
November 2022

Certain Dietary Patterns including Potatoes are associated with higher and lower Diet Quality and Physiological Measures in Children and Adults, NHANES 2001-2018

Kristin Fulgoni and Victor L. Fulgoni III
September 2022

Potato consumption is not associated with cardiometabolic health outcomes in Framingham Offspring Study adults

Ioanna Yiannakou, R. Taylor Pickering, Mengjie Yuan, Martha R. Singer and Lynn L. Moore
May 2022

Is it time to rethink the glycemic index?

Springer Nature
May 2022

Perspective: The Glycemic Index Falls Short as a Carbohydrate Food Quality Indicator to Improve Diet Quality

Jill Nicholls
May 2022

Nutrient Profiling Tools Confirm Starchy Vegetables Deliver Comparable Nutritional Value as Non-starchy Vegetables & Whole Fruit

Adam Drewnowski, Matthieu Maillot and Florent Vieux
April 2022

Potato Protein Ingestion Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis Rates at Rest and during Recovery from Exercise in Humans

Pinckaers, Philippe J.M.; Hendriks, Floris K.; Hermans, Wesley J.H.; Goessens, Joy P.B.; Senden, Joan M.; van Kranenburg, Janneau M.X.; Wodzig, Will K.H.W.; Snijders, Tim; van Loon, Luc J.C.
February 2022

French-fried potatoes consumption and energy balance: a randomized controlled trial

Daniel L Smith, Jr, Rebecca L Hanson, Stephanie L Dickinson, Xiwei Chen, Amy M Goss, John B Cleek, W Timothy Garvey, David B Allison
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