Potatoes & Public Health

Learn more about the evidence-based benefits of potatoes, their nutrient contributions to healthy dietary patterns, and more.

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Cardiometabolic Health

Potatoes contain several nutrients that contribute to cardiovascular health as well as weight management, healthy blood pressure and gut health.
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Healthy, Sustainable Dietary Patterns

As nutrient-dense vegetables, potatoes fit into several healthy dietary patterns including the Healthy U.S.-Style eating pattern, U.S. Healthy Mediterranean-Style eating pattern, U.S. Healthy Vegetarian eating pattern and the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet.
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Healthy Lifestyles

Potatoes offer nutritional benefits to all people, from toddlers and women of childbearing years to athletes and aging adults.
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Research Pipeline

The Alliance for Potato Research and Education (APRE) was established in June 2011 to advance the scientific understanding of the role potatoes play in promoting health, including the role of potatoes on cardiometabolic health, healthy dietary patterns, and healthy lifestyles (with an emphasis on athletic performance and life stages). These summaries highlight research currently underway.
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Benefits of Potatoes

Nutrition Facts

Potatoes provide important essential nutrients, including 45 percent of the Daily Value of vitamin C, as well as potassium and dietary fiber, two nutrients that are often lacking in the American diet.
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Potatoes provide a great-tasting, affordable nutrient package that enables people to meet their goals for nutrient intake and for vegetable consumption. Contrary to popular belief, while potatoes are the most consumed vegetable, they aren’t over-consumed in the United States.
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Product Innovation

Processed potato products, including French fries and potato chips, when eaten in moderation, can be a part of several healthy eating patterns. Potato processors continue to explore opportunities to enhance the nutrition and convenience in various potato products.
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Recent Research

November 2023

Effect of potatoes as part of the DASH diet on blood pressure in individuals with and without type 2 diabetes: A randomized controlled trial

Shannon Galyean, Dhanashree Sawant, Allison Childress, Michelle Alcorn, John A. Dawson

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October 2023

Perspective: Potatoes, Quality Carbohydrates, and Dietary Patterns

Stephen A. Fleming, Jenny R. Morris

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October 2023

The Effects of Potato Presentation on Vegetable Intake in School-Aged Children: A Cross-Over Study

Mayra G. Hernandez Sanchez, Sarah Bellini, William F. Christensen, Laura K. Jefferies, James D. LeCheminant, Emily V. Patten, Alisha H. Redelfs, Nathan Stokes, Jacklyn Wang, Micaela Rennick, Kelsey Anderson, Joli Hunt and Gene J. Ahlborn

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