APRE Grant Program

APRE’s research program was created to extend the understanding of the nutritional value of potatoes. APRE is committed to the scientific integrity of industry funded research. In accordance with this commitment, APRE implements a number of strategies to help support sound and credible scientific research on the role of potatoes in the diet.

Request for Research Proposals (RFP)


APRE coordinates an annual RFP program, but we are always interested in hearing your ideas. Please feel free to submit any research ideas you have to [email protected].

The next APRE RFP is scheduled to be released in January 2019. Please check back here for additional updates.

Current Research Priorities

1. Potatoes in Cardiometabolic Health

Impact of potato and/or potato product consumption in subjects with Metabolic Syndrome and/or Type II diabetes

Short and longer-term impacts of low- to moderate-glycemic load meals/diets (that include potatoes and/or potato products) on indices of health and disease

Impact of potato fiber/resistant starch on the gut microbiome and markers of cardiometabolic health/disease


2. Potatoes in Healthy Dietary Patterns

Health profile of individuals/population groups for whom potatoes and/or potato products are a staple food

Effects of plant-based diets, including potatoes and/or potato products (in all forms), on body weight and related health indices in healthy subjects

Potato protein quality compared with protein quality of other plant-based foods


3. Potatoes in Healthy Lifestyles/Life Stages

Impact of potatoes and/or potato products on muscle repair/muscle accretion and/or overall energy levels in conjunction with physical activity/athletic performance

Potatoes compared to manufactured “sports food” products or alternative carbohydrate food sources on exercise performance and recovery

Impact of potatoes and/or potato products on overall nutrient intake in school aged children

Research Integrity Guidelines

As part of this effort, we strictly adhere to our Research Integrity Guidelines, which are consistent with ILSI's Guiding Principles on Industry Funding of Research. We provide our guidelines to all research patterns prior to commencement of every study.

Read APRE's Research Integrity Guidelines


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