Alliance for Potato Research & Education

Potatoes may beneficially contribute to cardiometabolic health in the following areas:

  • Hypertension Reduction: Initial research has shown that eating potatoes regularly can help to reduce blood pressure. For more information, read Potatoes and Blood Pressure.
  • Weight Management: Potatoes are a nutrient-dense vegetable. Research shows that eating potatoes with meals may help promote satiety. Read more at Potatoes and Weight Management.
  • Glycemic Response: Research has shown that certain potato preparation and cooking methods, as well as when potatoes are eaten with mixed meals, result in lower postprandial insulin levels compared to other carbohydrate sources. For more, read Potatoes and Glycemic Response.
  • Gut Health: Emerging research in animal models and some human studies suggests that the type of resistant starch that exists naturally in some forms of potatoes or that can be enhanced by various cooking methods may impact gut bacteria which, in turn, may positively affect body composition, and favorably impact blood lipid and blood glucose levels, among other things. Learn more at Potatoes and Gut Health.