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Potato Protein Ingestion Increases Muscle Protein Synthesis Rates at Rest and during Recovery from Exercise in Humans

Pinckaers, Philippe J.M.; Hendriks, Floris K.; Hermans, Wesley J.H.; Goessens, Joy P.B.; Senden, Joan M.; van Kranenburg, Janneau M.X.; Wodzig, Will K.H.W.; Snijders, Tim; van Loon, Luc J.C.



Plant-derived proteins have received considerable attention as an alternative to animal based proteins and are now frequently used in both plant-based diets and sports nutrition products. However, little information is available on the anabolic properties of potato-derived protein. This study compares muscle protein synthesis rates following the ingestion of 30 g potato protein versus 30 g milk protein at rest and during recovery from a single bout of resistance exercise in healthy, young males.

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