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Jan 19, 2022

Carbohydrates: Consumer Confusion, Current Guidance & Future Recommendations

The physiological impacts of eating carbohydrate-containing foods are much more complex and individualized compared to dietary protein and fat; yet, there is still no globally accepted way to define ‘carbohydrate quality’. While some researchers often rely on the Glycemic Index as a leading marker for the quality of carbohydrate-containing foods, the research does not align with this approach. In fact, published studies continue to question the variability, reliability, and utility of the Glycemic Index, especially among the general population.   

During this episode, you will hear from cardiovascular physiologist Sid Angadi, PhD, FACSM, and food and nutrition scientist Julie Miller Jones, PhD, CNS, CFS, as they take a deep dive into the latest science and recommendations surrounding carbohydrate-containing foods. Tune in to learn about the limitations with using glycemic index as a marker of carbohydrate quality and get up-to-speed on the research that’s currently underway to develop a new definition for quality carbohydrate-containing foods.

Tune in to this episode to learn about:

  • Consumer confusion about carbohydrates and their role in a healthy diet
  • What the current nutrition guidance says about carbohydrates
  • The complexities of carbohydrate-containing foods
  • How the nutrition science community currently defines carbohydrate quality
  • Resistant starch, fiber and other nutrients in carbohydrate-containing foods
  • The evolving scientific literature on the Glycemic Index as a marker for carbohydrate quality 
  • Insights on how to best define quality carbohydrates moving forward
  • The strengths and limitations of epidemiological research versus randomized controlled trials and the appropriate way to relay findings from both types of research 
  • Takeaways for the public, health professionals and the research community regarding carbohydrate-containing foods 
  • Resources and research on carbohydrates

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