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May 2022

New nutrient profiling tools confirm starchy vegetables deliver comparable nutritional value as non-starchy vegetables and whole fruit

Peer-Reviewed Publication THE ALLIANCE FOR POTATO RESEARCH AND EDUCATION (APRE) A new study recently published in Frontiers in Nutrition has challeng…
May 2022

The glycemic index may be counterproductive to helping Americans adopt healthier diets

Newly published perspective examines the shortcomings of the glycemic index as a measure of carbohydrate food quality Peer-Reviewed Publication THE ALLIANCE FO…
April 2022

Clarifying carb confusion: experts propose evidence-based scoring system to assess the overall healthfulness of carb-containing foods

New ‘Carbohydrate Food Quality Score’ considers a comprehensive and practical approach, aligning with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Peer-Reviewed Pu…
March 2022

Which promote greater metabolic health, almonds or potatoes? Rigorous, randomized trial weighs in

No short-term, statistically significant difference between calorie-matched fries and almonds on key health metrics Peer-Reviewed Publication THE ALLIANCE FOR…
October 2021

New study finds potatoes, when enjoyed as part of a healthy diet, are not associated with elevated heart health risk factors among adolescent girls

Eating potatoes also linked to improved nutrient intakes in ‘tween’ girls Peer-reviewed Publication THE ALLIANCE FOR POTATO RESEARCH AND EDUCATION (APRE) N…
August 2021

Shifting the dialogue on high-quality carbohydrate foods

Experts propose a nuanced approach to define high-quality carbohydrate foods while avoiding unreliable indicators, like GI Peer-Reviewed Publication THE ALLIAN…
August 2021

Adolescent Diets that Include Potatoes are Associated with Better Diet Quality

Research suggests that, among nine- to 18-year-olds, eating potatoes can be an effective strategy to modestly improve intake of key shortfall nutrients Peer-Re…
July 2021

The need for nuance in carbohydrate recommendations

A more complex, holistic and non-reductionist approach to defining carbohydrate quality is needed Peer-Reviewed Publication FOODMINDS LLC NEWS RELEASE 21-…
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