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January 2021

The Need for Nuance: Carbohydrate Quality Is Much More Than the Glycemic Index

There is no globally accepted definition of carbohydrate quality – no equation, algorithm, or succinct way of identifying the quality of a carbohydrate-conta…
January 2021

The Need for Nuance: Nutrition Researchers Dig into What’s Needed for Future Carbohydrate Guidance

Carbohydrates are a diverse group of compounds, ranging from simple monosaccharides – such as glucose and fructose – to various types of polysaccharides, l…
October 2020

People with type 2 diabetes need not avoid eating potatoes based on glycemic index

New study findings show that people with type 2 diabetes can better maintain overnight glycemic control when high Glycemic Index (GI) potatoes are included in…
October 2020

Looking for New Ways to Fuel Athletic Performance? Try A Potato

White potatoes are as effective as commercial sports products in exercise fueling, performance and recovery, according to research funded by the Alliance for P…
May 2020

Potato power: Spuds serve high quality protein that’s good for women’s muscle

Peer-Reviewed Publication MCMASTER UNIVERSITY Researchers from McMaster University have found that the potato, primarily known as a starchy vegetable, can be a…
March 2020

Recent Review Shows Potatoes are a Top Source of Resistant Starch

A recent narrative review was published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics that identified food sources of resistant starch, an indi…
February 2020

PODCAST: “Potato Nutrition Research: The Recipe for Good Food Policy”

At Potato Expo 2020, the industry’s leading experts on the intersection of sound science and good food policy sit down to discuss the latest efforts to advan…
September 2019

“Tips to grow volume sales for potatoes”

Produce Retailer, September 13, 2019 Kathie Beals, PhD, RD, FACSM, CSSD and Chelsea Elkin, MS, RD provide information on the importance of the overall carbohyd…
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